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​​The New Noh MASO -

Performed at Kyoto Kanze Kaikan on Saturday, April 2, 2022

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Story of new Noh MASO

In the Tenpyo peroiod, which was hit by plagues, wars, and invasions, Emperor Shotoku, who wants to dedicate a million towers (Hyakumanto) all over Japan in order to spread the heart of the Bodhisattva, dispatches Otomo-no-Yakamochi to Tsukushi. At Sumiyoshi's shrine, which he stopped by to pray for the safety of navigation, he met a shrine maiden named Mokujo who predicts marine accidents and saves people, and their two servants, and they accompany with Yakamochi from Naniwazu. However,  the party encountered storm on the way.

​Mokujo, who had been divinely inspired by the stormy weather, put on a red robe, pointed out the direction of the ship, and disappeared with her attendants. When Yakamochi arrived safely at Tsukushi, he thanked her and dedicated Hyakumanto. Then Mazu, who had become a god, flew down from the sea with two demon gods in tow and performed a joyous dance. Sumiyoshi Myojin also appeared from the sea and invited Yakamochi to travel to foreign countries to spread the Bodhisattva's compassion.

アートボード 1_3x-100.jpg

Noh performer Kuroemon Katayama x novelist Kaoru Tamaoka – A prayer for peace across the sea

"I want the story of Mazu to be Noh"
This was a wish of a Taiwanese friend who revived in the heart of Kanze Noh performer Kiyoshi Katayama 20 years ago while the opportunity for performances was lost due to the influence of the pandemic. The concept of the new Noh was born from friendship across the sea. Then, the novelist Kaoru Tamaoka challenges the first original work of the new Noh.
The performance will be held on Saturday, April 2, 2022 at the Kyoto Kanze Kaikan.
Please pay attention to the future development of the new Noh <MASO> project.

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​​Planning and conducting

Kanze Noh performer
​​ Kuroemon Katayama

​​Original and directing​​

Kaoru Tamaoka

Born in Kyoto. He and his ancestors have been active in Kyoto since the first generation. His father (Yusetsu Katayama), his grandmother (Yachiyo Inoue IV), and his sister (Yachiyo Inoue V) are all living national treasures. He plans and produces overseas performances, performances outside the Noh theater such as Takigi Noh and Hall Noh, and produces Noh series picture books to promote Noh. Chairman of the Kyoto Kanzeikai, and is Chairman of the Katayama Family Noh Music and Kyomai Preservation Foundation.

Born in Hyogo prefecture. Debuted in the Bundan with the Kobe Literary Award-winning work "Dream Eating Fish Blue Goodbye", she has written numerous books, including the Yamamoto Shugoro Award candidate work "Nannamon" trilogy, "Tensei no Ship", "Gin no Michi Ichijo", and her recent book "Hana Naruran". The popular work "Oiesan" won the 25th Oda Sakunosuke Award. It was staged starring Keiko Takeshita, and aired as a drama commemorating the 55th anniversary of the opening of Yomiuri TV. "Princess's gift Senhime Ryuryu" will be performed as the commemorative opera "Senhime" at the Cultural Convention Center in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture. She is also Professor at Osaka University of Arts.

Noh mask production

Mask producer​​

Born in Osaka in 1950. He graduated from Osaka Prefectural Kitano High School in 1969. After becoming independent in 1987, he engaged in Noh mask production, restoration of old Noh masks, photography, etc. He exhibited at Waseda University Theater Museum "Noh mask exhibition-mainly contemporary Noh mask artists-" in 1993. In 2003-2020 he worked as a part-time lecturer at Kyoto Saga University of Arts Graduate School. From1998 he also worked as a part-time lecturer at the Department of Correspondence Education, Kyoto University of the Arts. In addition to Noh mask restoration and new mask production in the Katayama family's collection, he also works on Noh mask restoration and copy mask production for numerous temples and shrines, and mask production for contemporary drama. Author of "The World of Noh Mask" (Heibonsha, 2012).

Promotional video shooting

Photographer / Producer​​

While involved in photography as an advertising photographer, he runs Suzukishin Photo Studio, which takes the most natural facial expressions under the theme of "the day I took it is an anniversary." From publishing to Youtube, he is engaged in communication activities centered on photographs. At the same time, he is engaged in production activities that consistently handle corporate consulting, production, and co-education. His books include "Photographs", "7 Things That Make Photographs Good", and "Shin Suzuki's Photograph Notes".

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