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オンライン配信申込の受付期間を延長しました|Extension of the application period for online streaming





In response to requests from kind supporters, we have decided to extend the application period for online streaming of the New Noh "Mazu".
You can watch the live streaming of the performance on Vimeo (without subtitles), as well as the archived video with Japanese, English and Chinese subtitles after the performance.

Price: ¥5,500 (the fee needs to be paid by bank transfer)
How to apply:
1. Please send an e-mail or contact us from the inquiry form on this website by March 21.
2. We will reply to you with the information of our bank account, and please pay ¥5,500 by bank transfer by March 24.
3. When the payment is confirmed, we will send the URL of online streaming to your e-mail address by March 29.

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